El Pollo Loco Uses Integrated Video and Data to Gain Visibility into its Restaurants

Like many restaurant chains today, El Pollo Loco has moved from using traditional video cameras to employing a cloud-enabled system that integrates video data with business data. At a recent presentation to the Restaurant Loss Prevention and Security Association (RLPSA), Shaun Jackson, Director of Risk Management at El Pollo Loco, told attendees how the restaurant chain is using a modern video business intelligence system to gain greater visibility into their operations.

Integrating video and data for visibility and revenue protection

With some area managers overseeing as many as 10 locations, El Pollo Loco needed a way to see what was happening in all of their restaurants without having to physically travel to each site. In his presentation to RLPSA, Shaun reviewed how El Pollo Loco has implemented the Envysion video surveillance intelligence system for visibility into 150 of its restaurants:

  • Average of 10 cameras per store
  • Microphones in some locations to help better understand the customer experience
  • Video integration with point of sale (POS) data for exception reports that alert managers to suspicious transactions
  • Audit services that visually verify what’s being flagged in an exception report

The company is seeing positive results, including:

  • Increased visibility, allowing managers to be alerted to and quickly research possible theft and policy violations without having to be on-site
  • Reduced theft with a positive return on investment
  • More efficient workflow with third parties, such as police officers and insurance adjusters

To find out more about how El Pollo Loco is using their video surveillance business intelligence system, watch this short video of Shaun’s presentation to RLPSA attendees. It includes a real example of a loss prevention incident that managers were alerted to via the system, and the corresponding video and details from the cash register transaction that initiated the alert.