Restaurant Demonstration Preparedness

The following ALERT notification is being provided in preparation for planned or potential protests across the U.S., in response to the recent incident in Minneapolis.

Protests in multiple cities. Some have been peaceful, and some have involved attacking law enforcement officers and vandalism of public/private properties.

Protests can escalate in the late evening hours.

Businesses have been vandalized, including several restaurant brands.

  • Ensure you have keys available to secure your restaurant.
  • Assess the need/appropriateness of employees to work outside of the building.
  • Ensure no combustible items (cardboard, bins, etc.) are stored against the restaurant or under a roof.
  • Remove external customer trash bins from the outside the restaurant, as they can be used as weapons.
  • Take extra care if your trash bins are stored remotely from the restaurant.
  • Secure trash corrals.
  • If unexpected violence is encountered, move all employees to the rear of the building or the safest place available, ensuring you have a safe exit route in case of fire, etc.
  • If necessary, and when safe to do so, evacuate customers and employees from the restaurant, away from the direction of the disorder.
  • Ensure CCTV is working correctly.
  • Photograph before and after to document all vandalism and losses to restaurants.
  • Make use of panic alarm systems (if equipped), as needed; ensure they are working.
  • Regularly skim tills and do not hold unnecessary amounts of cash in the day safe. Consider dropping deposits more frequently and ensure all monies in the safe are secured.
  • Upon receipt of instructions from authorities or supervisors to close, and assuming it is safe to do so, follow daily restaurant closing procedures.
  • Only if it is safe to do so and to help prevent acts of vandalism, Owner/Operators are encouraged to conduct frequent visits to their restaurants during many hours of the day.
  • Any criminal activity should be reported to the police immediately.
  • Where there has been glass breakage or debris left in your restaurant, this can pose a risk of injury to employees or customers, or a risk of food/drink contamination.
  • Broken glass and other such materials must be cleaned up thoroughly and safely.
  • Consider hiring security guards or off duty police, if appropriate.
  • Boarding up Service, have a service lined up and on standby. Necessary, they have all materials on hand and a crew to work.
  • Shuttle Service or escort to get employees to and from work if necessary.

Download the entire Demonstration Preparedness document here.