RLPSA Webinar: The Legal Considerations of the COVID Vaccine: Require or Incentivize?

As the vaccine is being widely distributed across the country, RLPSA partners with the Donna Law Firm to discuss critical matters to the restaurant industry regarding employees.  Should companies be requiring the vaccine or simply incentivizing their employees to get it? In this RLPSA Webinar, featuring attorneys with various geographical experience including California, we’ll address these questions:

  • What are the legal considerations for each choice: requiring vs. incentivizing
  • What are the workers compensation considerations?
  • What guidance if any has OSHA and the EEOC provided?
  • What accommodations should we be aware of under the ADA?
  • How are different states handling vaccination requirements?

Join attorneys Lonnie Marion and Dan Gendreau from the Donna Law Firm, a firm specializing in the defense of restaurant companies across the country.