Securing Social Media By Rhett Asher, EVP & Director, Retail Solutions

How secure are your social media accounts? First, use a completely different email address for social media than you use anywhere else. You can be tracked even when not using these apps and you don’t want someone to be able to link those accounts to your banking, healthcare, other info, etc. Second, always use two factor authentication (2FA). This makes it much harder for hackers and detects log ins that may not be your own. Third, all social media apps have privacy settings. Facebook; check your settings & lock them down, do a privacy check up, and don’t let people have the ability to tag you. Instagram; check your profile and settings & lock them down to only close friends. Monitor what other apps are connected. SnapChat; check settings and look closely at the “who can section” to ensure privacy. Lastly, Delete is NEVER really delete. Be mindful and careful about what you post. Keep yourself and your family safe!

Download these PDFs detailing actionable information for securing Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat today.

Privacy Day: Staying Safe & Secure on Facebook (.PDF)

Privacy Day: Staying Safe & Secure on Instagram (.PDF)

Privacy Day: Staying Safe & Secure on Snapchat (.PDF)

Rhett Asher, Executive Vice President & Director, Retail Solutions
Fortalice Solutions, LLC