RLPSA & CAP Index Debut the Restaurant Industry Crime Risk Assessment Considerations Tool

This questionnaire is designed to assist the RLPSA members in assessing crime risk levels at their restaurants. This tool is not, nor is it intended to be, an industry standard and may not be suitable for use by all restaurant companies.

Please note that the individual questions and the scoring system are meant to serve as considerations and are provided for illustrative purposes only. Both the questions as well as the scoring system can be modified to meet each organization’s individual needs.

This questionnaire is not an exhaustive list of factors to be considered when conducting crime risk assessments. Additional considerations include, but are not limited to:

  • Local calls for service
  • Local reported crime incidents
  • Discussions with landlords and/or law enforcement

For anyone considering using this questionnaire, or a version of it, it is recommended that they review it with their legal counsel and have them assist to maintain confidentiality.



Non-RLPSA Members: Email Amber Bradley to request access.