The Holiday Scams You Can Refuse to Serve

As the holiday season nears, it is common that a “customer” may try to take advantage of excellent customer service and make a false claim or allegation about an organization or one of its employees. Restaurants are frequent victims of these scams and other fraudulent claims because sometimes it is more cost effective to settle an allegation rather than contest the claim.

False Claim: A “Slip & Fall” incident from a customer who was “about to buy something” or “just using the restroom.” These incidents usually have no 3rd party witness or the witness is the person with the claimant.

A. To ensure the proper safety of all customers and employees, ensure Wet Floor signs are in place and in use
when a spill has occurred and/or mopping is taking place. All spills and melting ice on the floor should be dried
immediately. Employees should always keep floors clean and clear of obstructions. Be sure to remove the Wet
Floor signs once the floor is dry. Employees should immediately report any trip hazards with steps, mats, floors
and doors in the store to the supervisor for immediate correction or removal.
B. Follow all incident procedures if a “slip & fall” is reported. Do not share any information about policies, CCTV,
cleaning schedules, previous incidents, etc. with the customer. Get them the proper and appropriate medical
assistance and refer them to the supervisor for any additional information.
C. Do not provide the customer with any copies of the incident report or claim form. The supervisor will make note
of any witness statements, if possible, in an area away from the injured customer.
D. Call 911 immediately if needed or requested by the customer.


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